Lithuanian Association of Social Emotional Education

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The initiative group for the establishment of the association met after the conference in June 2015 in the Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania, which discussed:

  • The need for social emotional education
  • Programs for children
  • Development of teachers' social emotional competencies
  • Programs for higher education
  • Development of tools and textbooks
  • Opportunities to learn from other sectors

Lithuanian Association of Social Emotional Education was registered in December 7, 2016. The data is stored in the Public Institution Register Center.

The Association called for the unification of organizations that initiate social emotional education programs and tools in Lithuania: kindergartens, primary and basic schools, gymnasiums, and other educational institutions, the aim of which is to increase the focus on the development of emotional intelligence and social emotional skills in Lithuania.

LSEUA founders

The founders of the association became the partners who implemented the project “” at that time: Raseiniai District Education Support Service, Vilnius Private Gymnasium, Save the Children, BCS International.